Bob Proctor is a leading light in the self-improvement industry.

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Bob Proctor’s Streaming Program and 6 Minutes to Success

Bob Proctor Review

I have to admit that Bob Proctor was unknown to me until I watched The Secret – The excellent feature length documentry that reveals The Great Secret of the universe.

During the film many great teachers and visionaries are interviewed. However, the producres of the documentary used Bob Proctor as a sort of anchor man. I later found out that the Executive Producer, Rhonda Byrne, had wanted to include Mr. Proctor at any cost! She also had to have Bob give a summation of his teachings in a seperate presentation on the CD.

So having throughly enjoyed watching “The Secret” and agreeing with everything that it taught I decided to do a little investigating into the work of Bob Proctor and gain a little more insight about the man!

Bob Proctor’s Streaming Program and 6 Minutes to Success

It seems that Bob Proctor has many great products and he also offers some free audios on his site. These will give you a taste of what he has to offer. In addition he also gives one on one coaching on a variety of subjects such as “Commission selling: How to earn an absolute fortune”, “Goals: How to set them … how to achieve them!” and “Strengthening self image and building confidence”.

Success Puzzle is one such coaching program that literally takes you step by step towards building success in any area you want! What has been holding you back from living your dreams? What keeps you from getting exactly what you want in your life? Why does achieving success have to be so puzzling? These are some of the questions answered in this 12 week one on one course with Bob. It will set you on the road to success.

If personal coaching is not for you then there are a variety of products also on offer at Bob Proctor’s site. You can get instant access to MP3s all of which are packed with insightful, powerful messages and instructions to get you where you want to go.

Bob has one basic message that reiterates all the greatest minds of all time – you are the creator of your life!

Proctor believes that we are all in control of every aspect of our own life and he shows you how to gain control of your own!


Bob Proctor is a visionary. His no-nonsense approach to personal development forces you to look honestly at your life and take responsibility for it.

If you can I would strongly advise a one-on-one coaching program. The benefits gained well outway the cost (although it is costly)!

If you feel that the material cost of such coaching is not a viable option for you at this time then try one of his MP3s – they are excellent!!

I would highly recommend “The Winner’s Image”. It will completely transform the way you view yourself, the world and your place in it. If you want success and cannot get the one-on-one coaching Bob Proctor offers then definitely get this program!

I cannot speak highly enough of Bob Proctor. He is truly one of those souls who has your best interests at heart. Once you acquaint yourself with some of his teachings I know that you will agree. Get some of his material and you will literally transform your life!

Bob Proctor