Bird Phobia Hypnosis!

One of the toughest fears, both to cope with and explain to your pals, is a fear of birds.

Unfortunately, most people view this fear as silly but you and I both know it is just as real as any other fear and the effects are juts as damaging.

I remember watching the world renowned hypnotist Paul McKenna on a British television program when he was a guest on a local show. He choose a participant from the audience, who had been brought there because of his fear of balloons! I kid you not this guy was afraid of the balloons you blow up for children’s parties.

Now McKenna took an inflated balloon and moved towards this guy’s face. The guy was freaking out and starting sweating and almost climbed the seats behind him to get away. Now the rest of the audience found this hilarious. However, McKenna pointed out that this guy’s fear of balloons was no different that the fear anyone would feel if they were dangling 1000 feet of a cliff-edge! The audience stopped laughing!

So although a bird phobia is unusual it is not less debilitating than any other fear. In fact it can have a worse affect on someone’s life than a fear of heights – you can also avoid high places but how can you avoid birds?

They sing their pretty songs, some have beautiful plumage, and they look nice perched on tree branches. However, they’ve also got claws, those beaks, and a set of unpleasant wings that they put to use in the most peculiar ways! A bird fear isn’t as unusual as you may think! However, it is awfully inconvenient when you need to go outside to mow the grass or work in the garden.

Let’s face it; those birds aren’t going anywhere so it’s up to you to do something about this! You need to conquer your fear of them if you want to leave the house without always nervously looking skyward. Hypnosis is one way in which you can put your bird fear to rest once and for all!

Many people think hypnosis is just a method to entertain and amuse the masses or as an aid to give-up smoking. However, hypnosis is a highly respected mental tool for dealing with phobias. In fact hypnotic techniques have come so far in such a short time that most competent and skilled hypnotherapists can cure a phobia in just one session!

Thanks to its ability to give access to the deep regions of your powerful subconscious mind, this tool can be used to reprogram your mental patterns almost instantly! A bird fear operates no differently to any other phobia and hypnosis has been proven to cure phobias easily.

The trance state that you undergo during a hypnotic session is a type of deep relaxation, not unlike meditation. While the body becomes very relaxed your focus and concentration become very acute.

When you enter the alpha brainwave state after the hypnotic induction, you are highly susceptible to any suggestions the hypnotherapist gives to you – you believe anything he tells you!

Using a varied of methods a skilled hypnotist can remove your inner blocks, negative beliefs, FEARS etc., and reprogram your mind with positive thoughts, new beliefs and suggestions for you to follow. If you have a phobia of birds then this is definitely the tool you need to deal with it. I would advise going to a skilled hypnotherapist or getting a pre-made CD from an experienced and highly skilled professional.

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