Binaural Sounds & Binaural Beats!

Do you think you’re stress levels would decrease and your life would improve if you could easily create extremely deep tranquil peace while sparking your brain to perform at unbelievably creative levels?

Do you think you could benefit from a 21st Century piece of technology that can rid you of unwanted emotions, traumatic memories and negative beliefs?

What if you could experience all these things merely by listening to a piece of music or the sounds of nature, would you be interested?

What if, to take advantage of the modern technology that I am talking about all you had to do was wear a pair of stereo headphones, would you be intrigued? Now, imagine if you could do all this for the price of a dinner or a night at the cinema. How cool would that be?

After decades of research and development all the above benefits are possible and the technology exists to give you them just by listening to some scientifically produced recordings – all for the price of a CD!

If you are interested in experiencing such mental and physical states, which lead anyone who listens to the recordings into altered states of consciousness then you will be eager to learn a little more about binaural beats!

Binaural beats are simple in concept and easy to use. However, they are extremely powerful in practice! With the correctly chosen recording it is possible to experience all the states mentioned previously and so much more.

You can even use this extremely advanced technology to tear through your own inner limitations and break free from failure into massively increased levels of success and happiness.

Actually it is possible to alter your entire life in every conceivable area through the directed and conscious use of this technology – without even the slightest bit of conscious effort on your part!

Binaural sounds, or beats, are designed to create amazing changes in your brain so that you can create profound physical, mental and emotional change in anyone who listens to them! Through the use of binaural sounds it is possible to achieve almost anything.

Through the use of binaural sounds you can create deep states of relaxation, increase your creativity, heighten your focus and ability to concentrate, immediately boost your energy levels, create more restful and rejuvenating sleep and even encourage your body to heal itself faster!

Recordings have also been developed that allow you to have problem-solving dreams and lucid dreams (where you waken in the dream state and take control, experiencing it as though it were reality). Binaural sounds can help you visualize your goals more clearly, improve your ability to retain and recall more information.

In fact binaural beats recordings are also available that let you scorch from your mind negative limiting beliefs while you burn new self-empowering thoughts, feelings and beliefs into the deepest recesses of the subconscious mind.

These amazing sounds were first discovered in the 1800s by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove, who at time was then an associate professor at the Berlin University. He found that if he applied one tone to the left ear and a similar tone with a slightly different frequency to the other ear a beat type effect was created.

This binaural sound or beat does not actually exist but is created in the brain itself. Due to how the brain has evolved it deals with sound sin very specific ways to give you a sense of distance and direction. Because of the brain’s internal neural network and “wiring” it merges the two tones to create just one sound. However, because the two sounds are not identical the difference between the two (i.e. its frequency difference) creates the illusion of a beat.

Although the discovery of binaural sounds was interesting Dove did not realise the true power they offer. It was not until in the 1970s that science began to realize the great potential binaural beats have when Gerald Oster made a startling discovery when he used them!

Oster found that when these binaural sounds are heard the brain does unusual but predictable things. In his studies Oster found that the mind will naturally synchronize with the binaural sound’s frequency that comes from the beat type effect created in the brain. Thus the brain will create brainwaves that are the same frequency as the binaural beats.

As science already knew which frequencies were associated with specific mental, emotional and physical states all Oster had to do was create binaural sounds that matched the specific frequency of the mental, emotional or physical state he wanted to create.

When listeners heard the binaural sounds, with the specific frequency Oster chose, their brains would synchronise with that frequency and create specific brainwaves which then created the mental, emotional or physical states associated with them.

After much research and testing, recordings are now available for use by the general public. It is now possible to get these binaural beats and experience a multitude of different states. I would urge you to further investigate this technology by clicking on the link in the body of this article or by visiting Holosync.

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