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Binaural Beats Reviewed

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You may, or may not, have heard a lot of hype about the power of binaural beats. There are people who claim to have become multi-millionaires, found their soul mates and healed their bodies all through the use of binaural beats.

So we thought we would investigate these outrageous claims and put some binaural beats recordings to the test!

The Power of Binaural Beats

Binaural beats are designed as audio tracks on CD or in MP3 format that work automatically.

Just relax, close your eyes and listen to your chosen binaural beats track through some stereo headphones. Then simply wait and watch as your desires unfold effortlessly!

At least that is the premise and promise of the binaural beats manufacturers.

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How Binaural Beats Work

Binaural Beats utilize a specific sound technology designed to alter the listener’s brainwave activity to create Alpha, Theta and Delta brainwave patterns.

Science has shown through extensive research that when there is a change in your brainwave patterns there is an equal change in your mind, your emotions, your beliefs and in your body’s posture. Believe it or not, but the truth is that changes in your brainwaves create changes in your body’s internal chemistry and ultimately a change in its physical structure!

Just as importantly, as learning about the connection between brainwaves and your physical body, science has also discovered the exact brainwave frequencies that correspond to exact mental, physical and emotional states! And what’s more they now know how to artificially create these brainwave states!

They can do it through the use of binaural beats!

Binaural Beats act in similar ways to meditation and hypnosis. In fact they are one of the easiest and fastest ways to gain access to the subconscious parts of your mind.

This makes them an extremely powerful tool for inner change!

Binaural_BeatsTraditional uses of binaural beats have centred on meditation and creating deep levels of sleep. As an aid for deep relaxation and meditative practises they are unparalleled and extremely effective.

However, with the growing interest in The Law of Attraction and the belief that our thoughts and feelings create our reality, binaural beats have entered the world of metaphysics and spiritual/mental manifestation.

They have been shown to increase personal development dramatically as they allow you to create deep states of relaxation as well as belief & emotional changes.

They can also have a dramatic affect on your health and can even be used for an energy boost (with the appropriate recording).

We tried several titles and found that the great thing about binaural beats is that they can be used to induce states of meditation, deep sleep, trance, creativity and many more with no effort on the part of the listener.

However, just like you, we were a little sceptical about the more flamboyant claims about creating millionaires and manifesting dreams! So we had to investigate these claims further.

Before we go into the more esoteric uses of binaural beats it is good to give a brief outline of how they were discovered and how they work their magic on the brain.

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The History of Binaural Beats

Binaural Beats are mostly accredited to Dr. Gerald Oster who published research he conducted in 1973 in Scientific American.

However, they were actually first discovered in 1839 by Associate Professor, at the University of Berlin, Heinrich Wilhelm Dove.

Dove discovered that when two sounds, that are similar but slightly shifted in frequency, are presented separately to the left and right ear (Binaural) they will cause a pulsation or beat type effect in the brain.

Although he found this interesting Professor Dove never fully understood the power of his discovery.

It was much later, in in the early 1970s that Oster discovered the amazing effects that these binaural beats had on the mind and body!

The Benefits of Binaural Beats

Binaural Beats are becoming very popular in the self improvement industry with many courses incorporating them into their audio programs. The excellent course, Holosync, is a perfect example.

The Holosync technology is designed to bring the listener into extremely deep states of meditation where major changes in emotional, mental and physical make-up take place.

Binaural beats form the back-bone of the program.

Although the Holosync approach is excellent it requires a certain amount of dedication. It is not designed as an instant meditation tool but rather as a profoundly life-changing effortless technique.

If you want profound inner change then it is well worth checking out. However, if you just require specific results and do not want to launch yourself on a self improvement voyage, then there are some great individual binaural beats alternatives to Holosync.

BinauralBeatsThe very best recordings that we tested come from a company that offers 12 individual binaural beats recordings for instant download. They have several titles ranging from Meditation and Deep Relaxation to Accelerated Learning.

These binaural beats come in a package but are stand-alone recordings that you can use at any time. You do not need to take a course to get benefit from them.

We have worked to ensure you can purchase these 12 separate binaural beats programs for a greatly reduced price by visiting the Binaural Beats MP3 Library!


Binaural beats create brainwave changes that alter your mood and change the very chemistry in your body. You can feel it very strongly almost immediately and depending on the type of binaural beats presented you can have a range of different experiences using them.

The 12 programs we mentioned above have used this technology extremely well and were by far the best we tested from dozens of manufacturers!

The great thing about these binaural beats recordings in that they force changes to happen effortlessly and easily. Your sounds force your brain to do all the work while you physically relax.

All you have to do is listen to the binaural beats title of your choice with stereo headphones and the recording does the rest.

It’s almost like the aliens have landed and given you access to a super advanced technology!

binaural-brainwavesIf you use the art of visualization, binaural beats can greatly enhance your mental images and make them feel much more life-like.

If you use affirmations while listening to binaural beats they become much more powerful and are driven deep into the subconscious mind. These types of recordings can also induce definitive emotional responses that last for many hours after listening to the recording!

We have found that the binaural beats produced on the recordings of the supplier below did indeed evoke the wanted emotional, mental and physical response that they claimed they would! They were, by far, the best from dozens that we tested.

So what about the more outlandish claims made by some binaural beats manufacturers? Can you really become a multi-millionaire, manifest your dreams and attract your soul mate?

As for these claims that binaural beats can manifest dreams – all we can say is we had some amazing results!

But rather than tell you about our successes we have decided to let you test them for yourself. For a limited time we are offering you the chance to download a free manifestation binaural beats recording. All we ask is that you tell us of your successes when you use the recording. Simply tell us where to send your download link here.

As a final word: You CAN effortlessly experience deep meditation, relaxation, increased focus, laser concentration, accelerated learning, heightened awareness, deep sleep, stress reduction, anxiety reduction, more motivation, more creativity, create new habits and increase your energy levels.

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