Binaural Beats – Questions & Answers

If you are a student of personal development and the power of the mind then you will have heard about binaural beats. However, how much do you really know about them.

Are you aware that binaural beats can be used in many different ways to totally transform your life?

Here I will try to give a brief description of what binaural beats are and how you can use them to dramatically change your life for the better!

So what are Binaural Beats?

Binaural beats are sounds that are fabricated by the brain. Through a clever use of sound technologies it is possible to “fool” the brain into thinking a beat type effect is occurring. Basically, binaural beats are illusions create by the brain when one sound is played into one ear, while a slightly different sound is played into the other ear.

Although the ears hear the two separate sounds the brain merges these into one sound. This is a natural occurrence as you hear slightly different tones and volume levels in each ear, so the brain just merges the sounds into one. This works in the same way as your eyes. One eye sees things from a slightly different angle that the other eye, like two camera lenses, but the brain merges the two pictures together to form one.

When special sounds are used it is possible to create the illusion that you are hearing beats. Let me explain.

The only difference in the sounds heard by each ear is the frequency of the sound wave. When the left ear hears a tone with a frequency of 30Hz and the right ear hears a sound that is almost identical except its frequency is 20Hz then the brain merges these two sounds to make them one. However, because the sounds are not identical and have different frequencies the brain produces a beat type effect with a frequency that is the difference between the two sounds.

In our example above the binaural beats produced by the brain would have a frequency of 10Hz (30Hz minus 20Hz equals 10Hz).

What’s the point of Binaural Beats?

As you have just learned, when the brain merges the tone from the left ear with the tone from the right ear it merges them together to form one tone. This is not he only effect of this however. It is the fact that these binaural beats have a very specific frequency that is so interesting.

When the brain produces these binaural beats it also produces brain waves that are the same frequency as the binaural beats it thinks it is hearing. This phenomenon is known as brain entrainment.

The point of brain entrainment is to produce specific brain waves that have corresponding physical and mental states. For example when you feel stressed your brain is producing brain waves with a frequency of about 25Hz. By listening to a binaural beats recording, which fools the brain into thinking it is hearing binaural beats with a frequency of 10Hz, the brain will begin to produce brain waves at a frequency of 10Hz.

It has been shown in many scientific studies that brain waves with a frequency of 10Hz relax the mind and body. So, just by listening to a binaural beats recording you can quickly alleviate stress and create deep states of relaxation and peace within your mind and body.

Of course this is just one use of binaural beats. There are many. Scientific studies have shown that brain wave state has a corresponding physical and mental state assosiated with it. Now it is possible to use binaural beats to produce each and every one of these mental/physical states just by creating the correct brain waves.

Are binaural beats safe?

Binaural beats have been used since the late ’70s for a myriad of different applications and have even been used as an alternative healing method. Although there are some people who fear their use there is no evidence to suggest they cause any harm and much scientific evidence to suggest they are purely beneficial.
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