Today, I will discuss the Power of Belief. Belief, Do you have it, do you know someone who has it?

History is full of stories of individuals who had the Power of Belief. Samson, believed he was the Strongest man on Earth, and he was until the Gentleness of a Woman, Delilah cut his hair, and Robbed him of that strength.

But Samson, once again found the source of his True strength, it did not lie in the length of his hair, Rather, in his belief in his God. Once this true Deep founded belief was discovered, he was able To pull down the temple.

Another example is Roger Bannister. For thousands Of years, no one was able to break the 4 minute barrier In the mile run. Roger Bannister, believed he could do It, he did not train any different, nor was he endowed With Super Human ability.

He did however possess the most important trait Of all, he believed he could do it. He did break the 4 minute barrier in the mile run. Within a year several other runners broke the barrier as well, because they now knew it could be done.

Here is a poem that I wrote that exemplifies the Power of Belief.


By Gilbert N. San Roman

He’s just a blind man in the bleachers, To the Local home town fans. He sits beneath the speakers, Just listening for one name. He wants to here his son get in the game!

The boy’s just not a hero, He’s strictly second team, Though he runs each night for touchdowns, In his daddy’s sweetest dreams.

He’s going to be a star some day, Though he doesn’t show it on the field. But the Blind Man in the Bleachers, Knows he will….

It’s the last game of the Season, On a Friday Night at Home. No one knows the reason, Why the Blind Man didn’t come.

The local boys are trying, But slowly loose their will. Another players, down and out, And carried from the field.

At half time in the locker room, The boy, he slips away. Nodding on the telephone, Not listening to what the Coaches say.

Second half has started, Having lost their will to win. Half the crowd can hear the Coach yell, Where the Hell you been.

With tears in his eyes, getting ready for The second half , Is all he would say, Cause now you , Have to let me in to play.

Round and round the world did spin, As he ran into the game. His heart would skip a beat, As the loud speaker called his name.

It would make the local papers, How the team came from behind, When they saw him , Playing out his heart to win.

When the game was over, The Coaches asked him to tell, What it was that he was thinking of, That made him play so well.

He answered, “ Well you know my Dad was blind he said” “Tonight he passed away, It’s the first time My Father’s Seen me Play!”

He’s just a blind man in the bleachers, To the Local home town fans. He sits beneath the speakers, Just listening for one name. He wants to here his son get in the game!

As You can see from the Poem, the boy finally Believed in himself, as he knew now that his Blind Father could see him play.

Another important point is made in this Poem, Sometimes Others have the Power of Belief In us, when we do not yet have the Belief Ourselves.

This is why You are reading this article, my Mentor Mike Litman, and my Mentress Anna Goldstein, Both believed in my ability to motivate, and help Others, and now that belief has found a home in My Mind as well.

Do You have the Power of Belief yet? Maybe Someone You know has that belief in You, and Will help you find the Power Yourself.

I Believe You have the Power, now find it for Yourself.

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