Be True to Your Word!

As the stroke of midnight heralds the end of another year, research suggests that along with the rest of us you will almost certainly resolve to do some things differently in the year ahead.

Chances are you will also decide to change things at other times too.

If your past record suggests you need to do something to tip the odds in favour of your success simply follow this 7 step programme for improved results.

1. Plan ahead and choose something that is really important to you, which really excites you when you think about it and is in your control. Describe and focus on the result you want to create not the work you need to do to get there.

2. Create a vivid picture in your mind, like a movie, of what it is going to be like when you accomplish your goal. Fill in as much of the detail as you can. Notice how you feel, what you look like, what you are doing, hear what you are saying about yourself, perhaps even what other people are saying about you too. Notice all the positive things you have that you don’t have now. Work on this until you have created something that really excites you, step into your movie and live it in your mind at least once a day.

3. Create an action plan for getting there and follow through on it. Build it around taking small steps and not one big one. Plan it so that every day you do something, no matter how small, to engrain new habits and move closer to your goal. Commit your action plan to paper in as much detail as you can. Review this regularly to check you are taking the action you need to in order to achieve your goal. Update the plan when you notice new and even more exciting ways to get what you want.

4. Create the space or remove the temptation. If you are going to start doing something to achieve your goal be clear about how it will fit into everything else you are doing. If your plan involves stopping doing something remove all temptation and avoid the situations that would trigger of the thing you want to stop.

5. Enrol friends, family, a professional coach, help you develop a successful strategy, keep you focused, cheer you on, and achieve all you want and will enjoy having.

6. Track your progress and reward yourself regularly when you stick to your plan and pass key milestones.

7. Be kind on yourself and lighten up if it doesn’t all go to plan all the time. That could happen and most often in the first 21 days. If it does happen, laugh, run your exciting mental movie, check your action plan and do something as soon as possible that will put you back on track. Remember, you can shape your future in the decisions you make today.

Wishing you an outstandingly successful life.

© Alistair Nee
Executive and personal development coach

About The Author
Alistair Nee specialises in coaching executives, leadership teams and high potentials that want to resolve contemporary business issues and generate sustainable corporate and personal growth.

He is an accredited coach, Master Hypnotherapist, certified NLP Master Practitioner and member of the International Coach Federation and founder of the coaching company creating the edge. For more visit creating the edge

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