Higher Awareness Review

Higher Awareness offer a wide range of products to suit all seekers and every pocket.They have three prosperity programs which basically offer the same advice that you can find in any good motivational system.

However, unlike many other motivational programs they are very reasonably priced. The company offer email support and coaching and will answer your queries. They also offer a money-back gaurantee which is always a winner in my book. I am of the belief, that regardless of what you purchased, if the product doesn’t work then you should be able claim your money back!

Their products are online courses which make three claims. They will help you:

1. Master basic skills. This is very achievable using their professional approach. They teach you the skills neccessary to achieve your objective and offer excellent feedback and coaching.

2.Empower your personality by building discipline, creating higher self-esteem and changing your thinking. These are all achievable goals. However, you can get the same techniques and strategies elsewhere. Having said that they are very reasonably priced and I do like the money-back gaurantee.

3. Open you to a higher power. I suppose this is achievable for some seekers using their methods. However, I think that if this were your main reason for buying their products you would be much better taking a look at The Sedona Method


Higher Awareness programs start from only $12. They are insightful and the beginner could learn some valuable tips from them.

For the more advanced student of self help, these programs are not for you. They are really a spring-board for people who are only starting out on the path towards self-realization and personal growth. If you are new to self improvement then go ahead and make the small investment. It will launch you in the right direction but be prepared to outgrow the techniques fairly quickly.

Higher Awareness