Would You Like to Learn How to Attract Beautiful Women?

Since the dawn of time man has had two driving forces in his life that have directed his actions in only one of two ways. These two main desires are responsible for the survival and evolution of our species.

They are also responsible for your ability, or inability, to attract women!


Being involved in personal development issues allows you the opportunity to study in-depth many psychological aspects of the human psyche. One of the most enthralling and, until mysterious, has been attraction. What makes men and women attracted to each other? And, how can you develop the ability to attract beautiful women without changing your appearance or being Brad Pitt?

Although many men have ventured to find the answers to these questions there have been only a handful of select individuals who have succeeded in their quest. However, that does not mean that there have not been many people who have claimed to have the answers.

For this reason we decided to try a few different attraction systems and offer you an unbiased critique of the best ones. Before you enter into the review section below please be aware that these products were reviewed to help those men who find it hard to connect with women and not for the would-be seducer of women.

These systems have proved to be extremely powerful and we therefore strongly advice our visitors to exercise caution with their use and remember that a meaningful relationship is much more rewarding than a string of notches on your bed post!

Seduction Systems

All attraction and seduction based systems tell you that you can attract beautiful women regardless of your looks, education, financial status and even your weight, but is it really true?

We intended to find out!

Although we purchased several separate systems with a view to test each one, compare their approaches and then review the results they gave us some of them were just garbage. We have therefore including only those systems that work and found the cheapest vendor that offers them!

The Best of The Best

The very best attraction and seduction manuals do not only show you how to attract women they also explain how the attraction process works!

beautiful_girlAlthough you may not be interested in the science behind attraction an understanding of it will open your eyes to why you may have been unsuccessful with women in the past. It will also allow you to improve your results from using the techniques and methods that you are taught.

It’s really all about evolution!

The first thing you will learn is that men and women have evolved in slightly different ways – as far as attraction is concerned any way. You see although men are attracted to women because of their physical appearance only 20% of a woman’s attraction for a man is based on his looks!


The Two Primitive Driving Forces of Mankind

Two of the most powerful forces in nature are responsible for the evolution of our species. These driving forces are desires that are hard-wired into the brains of every man and woman on the planet. Learning about these primitive desires and also learning how to manipulate them will make the difference between dating gorgeous girls and getting no dates at all!

The two desires are as follows:

1. The desire for survival.
2. The desire to reproduce so your genes survive.

As human beings, and in fact just as living conscious creatures, we have an inbuilt desire to survive. We also have the desire to reproduce. I’m sure I do not need to highlight these desires as you will be well aware of them yourself.

The Evolution of the Sexes

Throughout the evolution of the human race men have played the role of provider and protector. It was a man’s job to hunt and ensure there was sufficient food adequate shelter. A man who could provide these things would naturally trigger a woman’s attraction switches because a woman needed a man to protect and provide for her. Her attraction would be aroused because the man had high survival value.

Men only needed women for reproductive purposes because they were capable of defending and providing for themselves. Therefore a woman’s survival value was of little importance!

However, if a man was to take on the responsibility of providing for and protecting a woman he wanted to ensure he picked the best mate. He did this by judging her reproductive value based on her looks and her appearance; a woman with large breasts, wide hips, physical beauty and clear skin etc., offered a better chance of having offspring that would survive. A man’s attraction for a woman was triggered by her reproductive value!

What Makes a Man Attractive to a Woman?

You see evolution has ensured that the attraction switches in men and women are very different because men need women who satisfy the second primitive desire while women need men who satisfy the first one! When you understand the following points you will be in a better position to attract women of extreme beauty (we kid you not this stuff works!).

1. Evolution.
Throughout history and all through the evolution of our species men have been protectors and providers while women have always been care-givers and been responsible for ensuring the continuation of the species through childbirth.

2. Male to Female Attraction.
Men are more naturally attracted to women whom they find physically appealing. This is because a woman that is physically appealing to a man represents a female who has the best chance of giving him healthy children and thus ensuring his genes survive through his offspring. Men are more concerned with the reproductive value of a woman so they can pass on their genes.

3. Female to Male Attraction.
Because men have always been traditionally the provider and protector women have evolved naturally to be more attracted to the type of man who can offer them those things. Women are more concerned with a man’s survival value and this is why looks are not that important to a woman (because looks are representative of your reproductive value).

To attract a woman you therefore do not need to be physically attractive (have high reproductive value)!

However, to attract a woman you must be able to project high survival value!

21st Century Attraction

Although you may think these values have little, or no, place in the modern world you must understand that from an evolutionary position we are no different than our ancient ancestors who lived in caves.

gorgeous-girlOur brains are wired in exactly the same way and evolution has not had a chance to catch-up yet! What attracted a cavewoman to a caveman are exactly the same things that attract 21st Century women to 21st Century men!

The only difference between us and our ancient ancestors is the social structures we now live in. Therefore it is necessary to tweak the knowledge you have learned so you can use it in the modern world situations (such as a bar, club, restaurant etc.) This is exactly what the best seduction systems do; they teach you techniques that trigger the primitive attraction switches in any woman so she sees you as an alpha male and a man with high survival value.

The Systems

The two best systems we tested were “Platinum Secrets of Natural Attraction ” offered at a reduce price at Pick up Artists and The Mystery Method which is now called “Magic Bullets” and offered by love systems through the aforementioned link.


Both the systems mentioned above were tested extensively and proved to be very effective. In fact one reviewer stated that after some practise he felt that getting women, who were normally “out of his league”, became like shooting fish in a barrel!

me-and-mineAlthough the mystery method offers the most useful information about the science of seduction and step-by-step practices it is also the hardest to master. This system was actually created to allow any man to pick-up supermodels and actresses who exceptional beauty.

Although we never got the chance to use it on a supermodel it certainly does work on beautiful women. The only real drawback using The Mystery Method is the dedication needed to perfect the techniques it teaches and also fine-tuning your ability to use them.

For example, the techniques taught in the Mystery Method work better on extremely beautiful women. If you use them on “ordinary” or average looking women then they will back-fire on you. This is because you are shown how to project high value while simultaneous stripping a woman of her perceived value.

This approach is fine as long as the girl has high value to begin with. However, if she is not extremely beautiful and does not have very high value in the eyes of others it will look as though you are merely removing her self-esteem which you might actually do!

As a rule of thumb it is best to start with Platinum Secrets of Natural Attraction and once you are competent at attracting all types of women going for The Mystery Method – unless of course you wish to date a supermodel straight away then you should go with the Mystery Method!

Whichever one you choose you can be assured of some surprising and very pleasant results!

Platinum Secrets of Natural Attraction

Mystery Method