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Job Interview Preparation!

There are several different areas of job interview questions that the employer will go into during your interview. They are:



Communication Skills

Problem Solving Skills

Decision Making


Working Under Pressure

Leadership Skills

Tell A Story

Usually, interviewers will ask you questions where you have to describe how you handled pressure, used problem solving skill, or how you worked as a team with others on a project. The best way to answer these questions is by telling a story.

What do I mean by telling a story?

You explain a situation where you had to use your problem solving skills, worked under pressure or worked as a team with others. The key to telling the story is making sure your interviewer knows that you have the skills and experience to handle these situations. Explain some of the obstacles you encountered and how you handled the situation.

If an interviewer asks you if you can think of a time when working as a team was difficult, a problem became to complex or a deadline was about to be missed, donít say, ďNo. I canít think of a time when that happened.Ē

Thereís always some situation in your career where you had to face such problems. Tell the interviewer what happened and how you dealt with it. The purpose for such questions is to determine your skills and abilities in handling these types of situations. If you donít offer examples, the interviewer has no way of knowing what your success traits are.

These types of job interview questions give you an opportunity to show off your skills and experience in these areas. Come up with some stories you can tell and practice them before the interview. Remember. Rehearse, rehearse and rehearse.

About The Author

Michelle Roebuck helps people learn successful job interview and resume tips. To learn more tips and strategies, go to job interview and resume tips.




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