Aromatherapy Healing!

As we all know, emotional tensions affect your body and health in a negative way. On the other side, you can influence your emotions by working with the body’s innate healing powers. Aromatherapy is an ancient, well-established healing art that brings much beauty and joy to everyone who uses it.

Other than the diluted, merely fragrancing products you usually buy in stores, the oils I recommend are genuine, pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils.

I use them myself, and I apply them for free on my live clients, if they wish.

Since my goal and vision is to heal the heart (the emotions), I focus on blends that do just that.

Here is a selection:

FORGIVENESS (contains 15 different oils, among them rose, sandalwood, and lavender)

GROUNDING (contains 6 oils, among them frankincense and myrrh)

JOY (contains 10 oils, among them jasmine and ylang ylang)

INNER CHILD (contains 8 oils, among them orange and neroli)

RELEASE (contains 5 oils, among them geranium and sandalwood)

SURRENDER (contains 7 oils, among them chamomile and angelica)

TRAUMA LIFE (contains 10 oils, among them valerian, rose, and frankincense)

“Joy” was made for depression, but is so beautiful you might call it a love elixir (as is “White Angelica”). “Peace and Calming” is used for anxiety or insomnia, and it is beneficial for crying babies, barking dogs, or children that act up. “Harmony” balances both physical and emotional energy centers/chakras.

In my Newsletter I present a different oil blend each month. Newsletter

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If you like, write me an e-mail when you experience positive emotional effects. I am happy to include your testimonial on my website or in my Newsletter.

About The Author
Carna Zacharias-Miller, EFT-CC, EFT-ADV, is a spiritual writer and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) practitioner. She offers live and telephone sessions and uses therapeutic-grade essential oils blends in her live sessions in Tallahassee, Fl.

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Why not try EFT – the emotional freedom technique that involves tapping away negative emotions.

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