Are You Fully Using the Law of Attraction?

What you think about, you bring about. The Law of Attraction is a mystifying and delightfully enrapturing concept for many of us. Whether you’re enjoying playing around with the concept, or whether you’re a full-time, fully-conscious attractor in action, chances are you’ve seen some amazing results.
But how’d you like to kick your attractor factor into high gear?

I’m talking about turbo-charging your requests, your desires and your manifestations. This is not for small-time players.

The fact of the matter is, if you’re doing the inner work and the outer work for the Law of Attraction, yet you’re not receiving the fruits of your labor, there’s probably something in your environment that’s keeping you stuck.

I know what you’re thinking – blaming your lack of results on something in your environment doesn’t seem to be in keeping with the concept of personal responsibility, right?

Wrong. You are the one who created your environment, and who tolerates it every day. After all, wasn’t it YOU who decided to buy that metal bed, who forgets to water that shrub in the backyard, and who hangs onto that old broken-down stuff?

If any area of your life is not as spectacular as you’d like it to be, odds are you’ve got a Feng Shui issue.

Feng Shui is a practice that’s been around for centuries – but only recently has it worked its way into Western civilization. Nearly as mystical as the Law of Attraction and twice as powerful, Feng Shui is the art of placement. Basically, there is a certain formula to follow to ensure prosperity, health, peace and joyful relationships.

It sounds odd, but you’ve got to try it yourself. The results will amaze you – much like when you attracted your first “miracle” with the Law of Attraction.

The trouble is, Feng Shui is a pretty confusing topic, and not everyone can afford $300 bucks an hour to hire their own Feng Shui consultant. Sure, there are plenty of books on the subject, most of which are highly confusing and severely contradictory.

Fortunately, there is a solution.

Amy Scott Grant and Karrie King are hosting a 10-week live teleseminar series called Cracking the Feng Shui Code: Unlocking the Keys to Wealth, Health and Happiness beginning in early August. Space in the series is limited – visit this link now to secure your spot: red hot money magnet [or read the review of Bob Doyle’s excellent ]course on the law of attraction wealth beyond reason.

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