Are There Really Subliminal Messages in Disney Movies?

Are There Really Subliminal Messages in Disney Movies?

There is a lot of speculation about subliminal messages. Although some people still mistakenly believe they do not work, even though a lot of recent scientific research proves they do, most people realize that subliminal messages are powerful means of controlling behaviors and attitudes!

Therefore there is a lot of fear surrounding the use of subliminal messages – especially when they are used in advertising. The self improvement industry is awash with subliminal products and many personal development gurus advocate the use of subliminal cds.

However, the use of subliminal messages does not end with advertising or self improvement products. Many movies incorporate a subtle form of subliminal messaging, often called product placement, in an attempt to entice movie goers into buying their products by influencing them at an unconscious level.

In the advertising world sex has been used frequently to elicit strong emotional responses from potential customers in a bid to make their products look more attractive. This type of marketing can be clearly seen in television, magazine and billboard ads. However, sometimes it is subliminal in nature as can be clearly see in the video on our subliminal messages review page.

How would you react however if your children or younger members of your family were being subjected to the same sexual subliminal messages in a Disney animated feature? Would you be concerned, upset or angry? At the very least I’m sure you would be intrigued and want to know more.

So do subliminal messages really exist in Disney movies?

Let’s take a look!

The nature of movies, and especially animated movies, means it is very easy to add a subliminal image without it ever being detected “consciously”. Just 1 second of animated movie time requires 24 frames of animation. A single frame containing a messages could easily be embedded into these frames and go unnoticed expect at n unconscious level.

So, as you can see, it is possible to do it. But are Disney guilty of using subliminal messages?


lion-kingLion King subliminal messageThe most famous case for the argument that Disney Use subliminal messages can be clearly seen in the Lion King! At point during the movie after Simba, Pumbaa, and Timon look at the stars and Simba flops near the edge of a cliff the stars in the sky clearly form the word “Sex”.

Disney panicked when this was discovered and immediately claimed that the word is S.F.X which is a special effects abbreviation used in movie circles. This explanation may have been plausible but for the fact that the Lion King is not the only Disney movie that has been caught using sexual subliminal messages and subliminal images!

the recusers subliminal imageIn the original version of The Rescuers, when Bernard and Bianca fly on Albatross Air, a naked woman briefly appears in an apartment window in the background.

rescuersAlthough Disney still insist there are no subliminal images or subliminal messages in their animations in 1999, Disney was forced to recall its home video release of The Rescuers when these hidden frames were discovered.

There are other Disney movie offenders like The Little Mermaid and Who Framed Roger Rabitt. So, perhaps you should be on the lookout for them next time you watch a Disney animated release!

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