Are Leaders Born Or Made?

In order for anything of substance, such as a company or group, to grow leaders are needed. The best type of leader leads by example and is cool under pressure. Leaders do not command authority they earn it!

The very best leaders have the following 10 qualities:

1. Honesty. Being forthright with your words and actions inspires trust. When you know that what you are being told is true and accurate then you are much more inclined to listen!

2. Competency. Following someone who is not qualified or experienced enough to do his own job inspires little desire to follow instructions and advice concerning your job.

Decisions based on knowledge and sound judgement inspire trust and a desire to follow.

3. Intelligence. A leader who is constantly updating and furthering his knowledge stays ahead of the team and therefore acts as a guide for the other members.

4. Inspiring. The ability to motivate others is an essential ingredient for leaders. Without this ability no forward motion is possible and stagnation will eventually lead to decline.

By motivating members of a team a leader can ensure that the best possible actions are taken for the best possible reasons. If coercion or fear were to drive the team instead of inspiration and motivation eventually standards would drop as morale declined.

5. Goal Orientated. A leader must have a clear vision of what he needs from his team. This vision must be broken down into reasonable and manageable tasks that can be split between team members.

6. Courageous. A leader must display confidence in his abilities and those of his team regardless of the obstacles that lay before him. Remaining calm and composed, while maintaining a high degree of confidence in a positive outcome, are essential in order to keep the team on track and confident in the leader – regardless of how insurmountable the obstacles appear!

7. Fair. Even-handedness between team members is the only way to ensure loyalty from the entire team. Leaders who favour one member over another soon find a mutinous atmosphere developing in the team and will eventually have to deal with the consequences of their actions o suffer reduced productivity as a result.

By being fair and consistent with all team members a leader will inspire trust and confidence and set very clear guidelines and boundaries for his team.

8. Imaginative. A leader must be able to “think outside the box”. Leaders need to be creative when they have to deal with unusual or unexpected situations.

9. Persistent. A leader has an internal drive that never diminishes. In this way he can keep his team motivated.

10. Forward Thinking. A leader will always plan for the future but never at the expense of the present moment. All actions and goals should be leading to greater productivity, higher morale among the team and towards the growth of the group or company.

These ten qualities are used by a leader to guide the future of the group of which he is in charge. Without these qualities a leader will most probably fail in his attempts to motivate his group and achieve his desired outcome – which should be in the best interests of all concerned.

So, is it possible to cultivate these 10 traits of character within you if you are not born that way? Of course it is.

Not all leaders are born. In fact leaders are not born they are grown!

Through a good personal development plan it is possible to cultivate all 10 of the above qualities and some more. Be sure to look through the sections of this site to find the easiest ways to do this.

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