Anxieties And Stresses Becoming Difficult To Handle?

Stress seems to be an acceptable part of 21st Century living these days. We expect to be somewhat stressed and most of us believe that it is a normal part of living. However, when your fears, anxieties, and other stress related problems get the best of you and start to drag you down where do you turn for help?

When you wish to alleviate stress, or even eliminate it, the first thing to consider is that stress itself is not caused by any outside circumstances. Stress is a result of how you respond or react to things that are happening in your life.

Stress is a direct result of how you feel about certain things and situations. You can prove this point to yourself by witnessing how one scenario or circumstance can cause one person to stress excessively while someone else will be totally unaffected by it!

How you internally view a situation determines how you respond to it emotionally. Thus if you view an undesirable situation as a problem it may become stressful. You will try to work out how to battle against your circumstances and remain firmly focused on the cause of your distress. You keep your internal focus on the problem itself and not the solution!

However, when you view an undesirable situation as a challenge, for example, you will feel less emotional turmoil and lack of control. When you view “problems” as challenges you tend to look for solutions and remain focused on a positive outcome.

Stress really begins with your thinking. Although stress is definitely a by-product of your emotional state it is your train of thought that starts the ball rolling.

If you want to start controlling the amount of stress you feel in life you must start to control how you think. Now, I am not suggesting you try to regulate all your thoughts because that is an impossible task. Instead, when you start to feel stressed review how you are thinking and correct those thought patterns.

If you are focused on the problem just relax for a moment before reaching for a different line of thought that make you feel slightly better.

Question yourself!

Avoid your usual questions that usually reinforce your situation and keep you focused on the problem. Instead of using the usual approach of asking “why does this always happen to me?”, or exclaiming the negative with things like “oh not again!” use positive questions.

Ask yourself “how best can I deal with this situation to reach my desired outcome?”, or “what actions can I take to make this better?” When you use positive questions that are designed to make you contemplate a positive outcome your emotional state immediately lightens and the results you get from your actions are always more positive!

You can also ask yourself “what way am I thinking right now that is making me feel so stressed?” Identify those thoughts and start, slowly, to change the way you are viewing the problem. Little changes made in your thought processes now will have a huge impact on your emotional state in the long-run.

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