Alien Abduction!

I very long time before I changed career and became a pro hypnotherapist I was very interested in “little green men” (so to speak). I once read a book about UFO kidnapping and learned that one of the “tools” that these investigators use to assemble details about reported kidnapping experiences is hypnosis and hypnotic age regression. This peaked my interest and was later to lead to my change in vocation!

However, as far as the alien “question” goes I am not sure what way to consider this. As Mulder from the X-Files would say – “I want to believe.” Unfortunately though, (even though I still love watching re-runs of the X-Files) I am unhappy to report that after years of practising my profession and conducting thousands of hypnotic sessions one-on-one, I have never encountered a UFO kidnapping experience – not even once out of many thousands of clients!

I am slightly annoyed really and a bit dissapointed. In fact, I am really disappointed if I’m truthful about it!

This shortage of revealing UFO experiences from my many and varied clients, who have undergone hypnotic trance, also goes for many more hypnotherapists who I have contact with.

Why is this so?

Well, of course there is the distinct possibility that there is no such thing as an alien abduction experience at all and that it is merely a fabricated mental illusion conjured up by, either the client, or the hypnotist himself!

So far, that conjecture carries the best weight with me, though I must admit that in the back of my mind I would really like to have a customer exhibit such an experience while in hypnosis in my office. I’d be most sure to see such a session as real proof of alien kidnapping if it took place in a particular way, under certain circumstances. Let me give you an idea of what that those circumstances would need to be.

Firstly, the person with “alien issues” would need a somewhat scientifically-based mind-set or be firmly rooted, psychologically, in reality – i.e. a person who did not give UFOs much thought (or better still one who didn’t believe in them at all). The less they know about the alien question the better! This person should be mentally healthy and of ordinary or high intelligence. He or she should be coming in to see me for some other issue like smoking cessation, weight loss, to experience the hypnotic state, remove a phobia, or any other “standard” hypnotherapy.

Then I would like the regression to be spontaneous. By that I mean that while I was conducting an age regression for something else, we wind up in the middle of the client recounting an alien abduction.

I kind of hope that Bud Hopkins and other self-proclaimed UFO researchers are right about UFOs. The concept of life being “out there” is appealing in some way and lets us know that we are not alone. But, so far I have found no proof of aliens, UFOs or any other strange phenomenon.

I have to ask myself honestly, why this is the case. Well of course, the aliens could have high-tech mental gadgets that they use on the “abductees” to disable the ability of deep hypnosis to reveal their abduction events. But why would my clients have this device used on them when Bud Hopkins clients haven’t!

But, other hypnotherapists seem to find these individuals who report such abductions all of the time. How could this happen? Now, I should insert here that I’m really not knowledgeable in the area of UFO inquiry; I am just sharing my thoughts on this phenomenon.

It is at least curious to me, how after seeing thousands of clients, perhaps tens of thousands of clients, when you add up all of the therapists who have worked at our center, plus all of the graduates of our hypnosis training program, none of these well-trained hypnotherapists have reported a client who has revealed a UFO abduction while in a hypnotic trance!

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