How a Simple Looking Computer Program Can Change Your Life & Bring You ANYTHING You Want by Spending only 10 minutes a day over 12 days!

Affirmware have created an excellent affirmations product called, Sculptor 3, which uses the power of your personal computer to reprogram your mind for success. Sculptor 3 brings affirmations into the 21st Century!

The software’s creators make big claims (like most suppliers of personal development tools) and say that any goal is achievable by devoting only ten minutes a day to the program.

Goal Setting

Goal setting software is nothing new. The personal development industry pumps out new products every year that are designed to help you set and achieve goals. However, most of them don’t work!

Are you frustrated with the constant stream of products that promise the earth and deliver mud? It can be more than annoying to invest your money, belief and time in a product that just does not deliver. We have all had those experiences!

How many times have you been disappointed by a product that is designed to help you achieve your desires in life?

Do you know why these products fail? It is because they do not address a fundamental problem that impinges on every desire, objective or goal you have – your subconscious programming!

Now there are many self improvement programs available, some much cheaper than Affirmware, that are designed to help you reach your goals. However, this piece of software differs greaty from all of them.

The Benefits

To truly understand the power of this software I want you to try a short, easy exercise. First name three things you want to achieve, have or do. This can include physical objects you wish to own such as a new house or car etc. It can include things you wish to experience such as better health, spiritual development, new relationships or even a luxurious holiday. It can also include things you wish to be such as a successful buisness person or great golfer etc. In fact just name three desires you want no matter how impossible they seem!

To make it easy summarize each desire in just a few words. List them below.

        Write down 3 things you desire.



Now that you have chosen your desires you have three goals to work towards. Acording to Affirmware all you need to do is sit in front of your computer screen, first thing in the morning, and carry-out a few simple tasks from the Affirmware software.

However, we all know that just having a desire is not enough to manifest it. If goals were easy to achieve then any goal-setting software would work – and most don’t!

So you may be wondering how a simple computer program can deliver these things to you.

Well in order to understand how Affirmware works just finish the exercise by filling in the following three reasons why you believe you can’t achieve these goals.


        Give 3 reasons why you can’t succeed.


These reasons are the very things that are holding you back from achieving your dreams! They are merely beliefs that you hold. Beliefs that are backed by subconscious programs that effect your ability to achieve your desires!

What effect do you think it would have on your life if you could eliminate these beliefs? These three reasons are merely the product of beliefs that you hold about yourself, the world and how you, and others, fit into it.

Beliefs drive your thoughts and emotions. It is your thoughts and emotions that drive your behaviour. It is your behaviour, or actions, that determine your results.

Imagine for a moment that you had a genie that could remove those beliefs and replace them with positive ones. Do you think you would benefit from creating, within yourself, similar beliefs to those people who have already achieved the things that you now desire?

What beliefs do you think Bill Gates has about money and success? What beliefs do you think a Buddhist Monk has about spiritual evolvement? What beliefs does a happlily married man or woman hold about relationships?


How Affirmware Works

Affirmware have built Sculptor 3 around the power of affirmations, subliminal programming, visualisation and goal-setting. It actually has a quite unique way of integrating these elements into a cohesive easy to use tool for self-improvement.

affirmware_sculptor3Using the power of the computer’s processor, the Affirmware software creates binaural beats and special sounds to induce a very relaxed state and alter your brain wave activity to produce the optimal brain-wave frequencies.

The listener is then guided to use visualisation techniques while being exposed to subliminal messages flashed at the bottom of the screen.

The Affirmware Sculptor 3 twelve day plan is a great way to stay focused on your goals while at the same time being mentally bombarded by positive affirmations. The participant must also complete sentences after their chosen affirmation. These sentence-completion tasks are more valuable than would first appear. They are a great way to uncover subconscious resistances that are in direct conflict with your goal.

The subconscious mind always tries to create equilibrium in the brain. Once these resistances have surfaced, and because the subconscious mind is being re-programmed for the goal, it will try to create alternative beliefs that are not in conflict with the goal.

        Name 3 benefits you would recieve by aquiring the beliefs you identified above.



How to Use Affirmware

An example of the use of Affirmware may be as follows: Your self created affirmation might be ‘I am a highly motivated person’. Immediately the subconscious mind throws-up the old negative patterns by sending the thought ‘no you aren’t. You give up all the time. You are just lazy’.

Now as the subconscious mind keeps being exposed to the positive programming, through the Affirmware computer software running and your participation, it must find an equilibrium to this conflict. It therefore starts looking for alternatives. After all you cannot be highly motivated and lazy at the same time!

So, as you continue using Affirmware, other thoughts start to come up. Such as, ‘well, actually you did finish that course on car mechanics and organise the holiday trip all by yourself’….and so on.

Affirmware_Sculptor3Now at this point the Affirmware programming is far from over. For as these thoughts come-up
so will other resistances….’yeah but the car mechanics course only lasted four weeks and you
only went because you wanted to save money on engine tune-ups’…..then as the subconscious
continues to seek equilibrium it may say…..’Okay so saving money was the motivation, but it
does show that you are motivated and can achieve goals. If you have done it once you can do
it again!’

Meanwhile, the Affirmware Sculptor 3 program is still bombarding you with subliminal messages
and a great little NLP trick – before starting the program you chose a trigger symbol that stays
on screen and becomes associated with the goal in your mind. Every time you see the symbol
your subconscious mind will trigger all the emotions it associates with it. After a few days of positive programming you can even print this symbol and hang it somewhere that you pass each day.

Each time you see it your subconscious mind will remind you of your affirmations and all the positive emotional responses you felt when using the software.     Affirmware

Additional Extras

You get loads of free goodies with Affirmware as well:

Subliminal computer program – to flash, pre-selected or custom built, subliminal messages on your computer (similar programs are sold separately by other companies).

Affirmware abundance conditioning screen savers.

Free e-book “It Works”.

“The Science of Getting Rich” mp3s.

And 26 health reports.



Ok so it all sounds great but what are the drawbacks?

Well Affirmware claim on their site that Sculptor 3 is an advanced technology. Although the concepts that it uses are unique, and it certainly does deliver on its promises, the actual look of the program could be better. I think such a powerful program, which offers fast tanigible results, should look a little sleeker. This is a minor point but I believe many people would fail to use the program because of its basic look. We live in an age of technology and have come to expect a very high standard. Affirmware just doesn’t look professional! In my opinion a sleeker visual look would make the product more popular.

Having said that though, it is the results that are the most important thing, in any self improvement tool, and Affirmware is capable of producing the results you want fast and guaranteed!

The Sculptor 3 software created by Affirmware is a great way to stay focused on your goals. For the short time needed to use it you can produce the same results that would normally take much longer and require much more dedication using affirmations or visualization alone.

The true power of the Affirmware program however, lies in its ability to uncover and remove the negative beliefs, thoughts and emotions that are in direct opposition to your goals. This can create amazing and ultra fast results. It is the subconscious negative programming that has stopped you from achieving your desires in the past. Many self improvement programs use out-dated positive mind-programming techniques to program in positive beliefs in order to help you create change in your life but fail to address the negative beliefs that are already there.

Just programming positive beliefs, and not looking at the existing beliefs that you hold, causes major resistence from the subconscious mind. You must first remove the negative beliefs from your consciousness before attempting to instill new positive ones!

We have found that Affirmware can do this in an extremely short amount of time while simultaneously programming your subconscious mind with the positive beliefs you need to succeed!

We liked the fact that Affirmware did not concentrate on just one area of self-improvement but used many different tools to help achieve your aim. The product is very easy to use even for the novice computer user – if you can read and follow simple instructions you will be using the software on the first day and customising it for your personal goals.

In addition to the fantastic Affirmware program offered we have to add that some of the above freebies are worth buying on their own!

If you want fast change but are short of the time needed to visualise twice a day, chant affirmations and listen to subliminal recordings then we would recommend the Sculptor 3 software from Affirmware. If you don’t like it you can always send it back.


        Identify 3 beliefs of a person who now has what you want.


You can have your very own genie in the form of Affirmware! This powerful software can remove negative beliefs and replace them with new positive ones that drive you forward towards your desires using just ten minutes a day.