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Affirmware_hypnotizedscreenAffirmations for the New Century Come In The Form Of Affirmware!

As far back as 1998 Affirmware have been guiding people in their personal development. Jeff Staniforth is a man with over 15 years experience with self growth and his has packed all his expertise into an a product called Affirmware Sculptor 3.

Affirmware works on the belief that affirmations are effective at creating change internally and outwardly in the world. Many books, seminars, videos and audio recordings have been made outlining the effectiveness of affirmations so I will not go into detail about their effectiveness. We will work on the assumption that affirmations do indeed produce results.

So how does Affirmware work and if affirmations are so effective why do you need a computer program to help you use them?

The look of Affirmware could be better but the workings of the program are the best. The results that can be obtained from its use offset any problems you may have with how it looks.

Affirmware works on a 12 day program for self change using its unique approach to affirmations. Your daily program starts with binaural beats that produce the desired mental state conducive to self growth before Affirmware even really kicks in!

Affirmware then guides you with some visualisation techniques while you are being bombarded with positive goal-affirming subliminal messages.

The real power of Affirmware lies in its ability to remove negative mental patterns that are blocking you from achieving your goals. The Affirmware program directs you complete sentences that are connected to your goal in order to get your deeper feelings and beliefs about it.

This Affirmware task will uncover your subconscious resistances to achieving your goal and allow you to eliminate them those things that are in direct conflict with the goal achievement. The subconscious mind always tries to create harmony in your belief systems – you cannot have conflicting beliefs. As Affirmware is programming your mind with your goal it forces your subconscious resistances to the surface. Your subconscious mind will therefore try to create alternative beliefs that are not in conflict with the goal.

Any good self improvement technique or product must be able to eliminate your subconscious thoughts and feelings that are blocking you from achieving your goals. Affirmware does this in a very unique and effective way. By forcing your mind to alter its beliefs and views you are re-programming yourself at a very deep level.

If you diligently follow the 10 minute, 12 day plan, using your Affirmware software you will eliminate so much negativity connected to your goal the successful outcome you seek is inevitable.

The Affirmware approach is truly unique and more importantly it works! The added fact that Affirmware includes visualization techniques, subliminal messages, trigger symbols and uses the power of affirmations makes this program extremely effective – if you use it!

I have read articles about Affirmware that states all you have to do is let it run but this is erroneous. You must do the work! If you diligently follow the plan for 12 days, sacrificing only 10 minutes a day to do the exercises consciously, you will get results that often seem miraculous!

Affirmware – affirmation computer software for personal development.

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