Acne Treatment!

Acne is the plague of almost every teenager. Hormones rage uncontrollably and your face erupts in red blotches like a volcano.

Here are some quick tips to help in the fight against acne.

Don’t scrub with exfoliates. Researchers have noted that the skin acts as a barrier against the causes of acne. However, abrasive substances, such as exfoliates, irritate the skin and remove the top layer.

Allow air and natural sunlight at your skin. Sun kills the bacteria that cause acne.

However, insure that you moderate your exposure too much will dry, tighten and clog the skin pores not to mention running the risk of skin diseases.

A good rule-of-thumb is to spend about 15 minutes enjoying the sun on your face in moderate weather.

Try to avoid very cold conditions as this also clogs the pores. There are good acne treatments on the market but you should also moisturize your face and body to help replace any nutrients and re-hydrate the skin.

Change your garments daily even your bath towels. The bacteria that cause acne use linen as a breeding ground and this bacteria will be reapplied to the skin if used garments and linen is re-used.

You can also use vinegar to wash white linen that comes into contact with your skin such facial cloths and pillow covers.

Some natural remedies are also available which help keep your acne at bay such as tea tree oil or essential oils like Lime, lemon and orange.

Exercise regularly. Exercise reduces stress and also helps maintain a healthy body – a healthy body is better able to fight bacteria. It also makes you sweat and as long as you cleanse thoroughly afterwards will help keep your pores clean.

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