Accelerated Personal Growth!

Personal growth is becoming more and more popular as the world becomes more complicated and stressful. Although we, in the Western World, enjoy an unparalleled level of prosperity and abundance the stress that accompanies it is often very hard to bear.

If you look back to, apparently the richest man who ever lived, King Solomon or even the greatest of the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs, Roman Emperors or kings and queens of old, you will see that even the most lavish lifestyle then cannot compare to the average life we live today; we have an abundance of running water, easy access to food and shelter, instant access to information via the Internet and can travel vast distances in very little time.

Although we are truly blessed with prosperity in this day and age we are unhappier than ever before in human history. It seems that with advances in science, technology, health and understanding we have taken backward steps in spirituality, emotional development and have lost touch with the knowledge of out innate joyful nature.

For this reason many people feel drawn to seek a better way of life and a deeper understanding of themselves. In truth, most of us just want to escape the pain of living and create more harmony, peace and happiness in our lives.

Personally I have found many great ways to accelerate any personal growth plan. Obviously self hypnosis is a great way to do this. However, there are other ways.

Some time ago I came into contact with The Sedona Method and The Release Technique, both of which teach you how to eliminate negative thoughts and “let go” of unwanted emotions.

Both techniques are taken from the teaching so American Master Lester Levenson and share many similarities (in fact they are really the same thing just with a slightly different emphasis).

They involve a very unique and easy to apply system for instantly removing years of negative programming. This system is by far the easiest to use, understand and acquaint yourself with of all self improvement programs I have ever tried. It also gives the most profound and fastest results imaginable!

Within just minutes you can “release” or “let go” of years worth of pain and disharmony. It just melts away like ice in the sun. What’s more using this technique can also help you to achieve your goals. By removing your own internal barriers to success and achievement it is possible to achieve goals that you have working towards for a long time but been unable to make headway on.

Do you want to accelerate your personal growth and make strides in your self-improvement that now seem unrealistic or even impossible? Would you like to start building the life you have always dreamed of? Then I urge you to click the links above and watch the videos that explain the process!

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