with Joe Vitale & Brad Yates

This audio course on eft is presented by Joe Vitale and Brad Yates. Joe Vitale is world renowned manifestation teacher who feaured quite heavily in the dvd presentaion The Secret.

Brad Yates is an Abundance Attracting EFT teacher I came across through Bob Doyle’s wealth beyond reason course. He started his career as a hypnotherapist until he discovered the potential and power of using EFT.

The Benefits of EFT

EFT_TapPointsEFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique, is based on the ancient chinese therapy of acupunture.
Like acupunture EFT is desined to clear the emotional blockages in your own energy field
which are caused by negative emotional upsets.

However unlike acupunture, which requires sharp needles, EFT only requires you to tap on certain
acupunture points with our fingers. By clearing away these negative emotions

we clear our thinking and our focus become much more positive.


Like Bob Doyle, Mr Yates is a firm believer in The Law of Attraction which states that we are literally attracting things, people and experiences into our lives because of our predominant thoughts
and especially due to our feelings.

If we are feeling negative about money or unworthy of having it he believes that we cannot attract it into our lives. In fact, we actually repel it!

So in order to get a clear focus on abundance and have what’s called a prosperity consciousness it is necessary to remove our emotional blocks around money and wealth.

Abundance Attracting EFT

EFT and Money

Abundance_Attracting_EFT (1)Brad Yates has devised a way of using EFT to remove the emotional blockages we have about wealth and money, which is now known as Abundance Attracting EFT Emotional Freedom Technique. He has some great audio programs where he has actually lead a group of people through the techniques during a few teleconferences.

Abundance Attracting EFT

Brad Yates has teamed up with Joe Vitale to create 151 minutes of mp3 recordings that walk you through some powerful EFT techniques to attract money. The recordings are taken directly of a teleconference called “Money Beyond Belief”.

In the recordings Yates guides you through the Abundance EFT tappng techniques while getting you to repeat affirmations designed to bring up your resistences to having money, wealth and prosperity.

Once your resistances and negative attitudes surfact the simple act of tapping on specific points of the body releases the negativity permanently!

Abundance Attracting EFT


Using Abundance Attracting EFT works!

It is designed to remove negative emotions and it does just that! But can you really use it to create wealth?

Well, I can say that even after the first listen I did clear away many emotional issues around money (some I didn’t even know I had!) and my thinking was much clearer.

The Money Beyond Belief sessions are easy to follow and some affirmations are brought up that deal with issues you probably don’t think you have. But once you start voicing the affirmations you can feel the negativity in your body. Soon you feel it dispate as you continue to tap.

EFT for money However, during the session I had to stop the recordings several times because certain issues began to surface that had nothing to do with the statements Brad was making. This is not a bad thing, as clearing on his affirmations where actually allowing these deep seated beliefs to surface in my own consciousness. It’s just that a personal consultation would have probably brought up a lot more as I followed my own train of thought.

However, the price for personal consultations would probably have brought up its own resistences!

Having said that, I did clear a lot of old baggage and the MP3s are really designed to teach you how to use EFT to gain financial freedom rather than covering every possible emotional issue you may have with money! I now use it on my own having acquired the skills from listening to the MP3 sessions.

Abundance Attracting EFT

couldn’t be easier!

I must say though that only a few days after I finished my first listen my finances did take an upturn and at the time of writing they continue to do so. Therefore, if you are open to using a more unconventional approach to aquiring wealth you really should check out Brad’s work. It worked for me and if it doesn’t work for you then just take advantage of the “no questions asked money-back guarantee”!

Money Beyond Belief

Use EFT to attract more abundance & money!
To check out Brad Yates Home site where he offers “Success Beyond Belief” click on the link below.
Success Beyond Belief