The website was created as a hobby in early 2003 and has been available online since May 2004. It was initially hosted by a free angelfire account and later, as the site grew, was upgraded to the domain name – (thus you may have found this site under the original angelfire name).

It was founded from a deep desire to share personal experiences with personal development, self improvement and personal growth products. Michael found that there is very little information available online that give honest critiques of the many personal development products offered on the web. He therefore decided to share his experiences with such products. Later he decided to test others and give unique, unbiased, free reviews of them.

The site deals mainly with USA products with the exception of some UK suppliers whom we thought were worthy of note. However, the reviews have been written with all English speaking countries in mind as the Internet gives easy access to the World. So if you are not living in America don;t worry you will still find what you need on the site.

The site has gone through various changes and upgrades while Michael tried to improve upon the quality of resources with free reviews, information and articles. This is an ongoing process.

There are a myriad of reviewers, from different countries, social structures and personal & ethnic backgrounds so that we may give a complete unbiased and ethical review of the products we test. We have included the strengths and weakness of the products but ensure that all the products we review work. If they do not work then we do not include them.

We hope you enjoy the site and gain benefit from the resources that are available now and in the future and hope you continue to come back as more resources are added.

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