A Shortcut to Meditation

The vast majority of us know that meditation is a powerful mind/body tool. Documentaries and articles abound about its many benefits. Hundreds of scientific studies report the advantages of daily meditative practises. So why aren’t you doing it?

Well you know the answer to that question as well as I do. It just takes too long to master this ancient art. Let’s face it Buddhists spend their entire lives meditating for hours every single day. Who has that type of time in the “western world” with all the daily hassles, work dead-lines and family commitments that it forces on us?

But what if there was a faster way to enter the very deepest of relaxed, mind altering, body repairing meditative states would you be interested?

Brain Entrainment

The Shortcut to the Deepest Meditative States

Brain entrainment is a scientifically proven leading edge technology in the brain/mind field. It is a relatively new technology that is being utilized by, not just hypnotherapists and subliminal product manufacturers but by, health professionals in the areas of psychology, neurology and medicine!

Brain entrainment is also known as “brainwave synchronization” or “brainwave entrainment”. It basically refers to any practice that changes brainwave frequencies so your brainwaves follow a specific and predefined brainwave pattern. Changes made in your brainwave patterns create changes in the mind and body in very specific and predefined ways.

From a technological point of view there are a few ways to do this. The most popular, and probably best known, is binaural beats. These are special tones that create a beat-type effect in the brain which leads to the creation of brainwaves with specific frequencies.

When using binaural beats the brain exhibits a “frequency following” response and creates brainwaves that are in tune with the frequency of the binaural beats being played. This is a completely natural phenomenon where the human brain has a tendency to change its dominant EEG frequency towards the frequency of a dominant external stimulus.

The very first attempt to create a technology that could entrain the brain came in the form of mind machines. Although these were easily portable devices that could be used by just pressing a few buttons they proved to be expensive and therefore it was just a matter of time before a cheaper alternative became available. Hence the introduction of affordable pre-made binaural beats recordings.

Over the millennia different cultures have devised many different ways to induce states of deep meditation. Most of the methods developed are still in use today and highly popular amongst traditional meditaters. Among the many techniques to create meditative states and entrain the brain through natural means include breathing techniques, the use of mantras, ritualistic dance, drums, instruments, music and much more.

The aim of this type of brain entrainment is to lower brainwave frequencies to a deeper level of consciousness by producing the alpha, theta or delta brainwave pattern states of mind.

It has been believed for thousands of years, and recently proven by science, that regular periods of brain entrainment leads to an increase in overall emotional calmness, relaxation, deep inner peace, intelligence, creativity, focus and mental clarity while also improving memory, raising IQ levels and creating a boost to your body’s energy. All this is in addition to the almost immediate reduction in stress that is experienced!

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