A Positive Mind = A Successful Life!

For many years I knew about the power of positive thinking but didn’t really believe it. Sure I knew that if there was a particular problem I had or a situation that I was involved in then thinking positively about it would help me find a solution or create a more positive outcome but I didn’t believe thinking positively could change my life in any real and meaningful way.

However, I was wrong!

Many people now hold the same view that I once did. They believe that positive thinking is a load of “mumbo-jumbo” and is more like science fiction than science fact.

Even though Quantum Physics is starting to prove that consciousness has an effect on matter and may even be the creator of it many people still remain unconvinced that their thoughts, attitudes and beliefs have any effect on the world at all – and who can blame them!

When we try to think positively what usually happens? Either nothing happens or the opposite occurs! Can you identify with that statement? I know I can. However, there is reason fro this that I will go into in detail now!

You see ordinary positive thinking doesn’t work! I’m sorry if this annoys some of the readers of this article but it’s totally true!

Conventional means of thinking positively usually just creates more negativity! Let me explain why.

Most proponents of positive thinking have very little tools to help you actually make your thoughts more positive. Probably the best of the limited tools they have are affirmations and visualization.

However, many times these tools just do not work or, as I said previously, create the opposite effect from the one you consciously want.

Now, in the aforementioned sentence is a clue as to why this happens. Can you spot it?

The problem with positive thinking is that only 10% of our thoughts are conscious in nature. This means that we only have 10% control over the amount of positive thoughts we put out into the world. The other 90% of our thoughts are unconscious and usually hidden in subtle ways from our conscious mind!

Even if you spent all day thinking positively (which for most of us is impossible) that time only equates to 10% of our thinking.

So, if the other 90% is positive what do you think the outcome will be? Without question our thoughts create our reality!

However, it is the unconscious thoughts that do moist of the creating! Therefore it is essential that you train your subconscious mind to think positively or all your conscious efforts will be useless!

In order to create real positive results in your life you need to think positively on a subconscious level.

Would you like to remove all the subconscious blocks and thoughts that are creating and maintaining your current reality? Would you like to replace this unconscious negativity with positive thoughts and feelings so that you naturally attract what you want in life? Then I suggest you read about The Release Technique now!

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