A guide to self hypnosis

Hypnosis is often a very misunderstood method for influencing the mind. Many people associates with funny stage tricks while others think it is evil or can be used to brainwash people in doing unsavoury stuff! However hypnosis can provide anyone with an excellent means of changing their lives for the better.

During a hypnotic session it is possible to lead a subject, or yourself, through self hypnosis, into a mental world where anything is possible. Through mental imagery anyone can program their subconscious mind to create success for themselves in the future.

By visualizing your life, in trance, in positive ways you can make fast, effective changes that may not otherwise be possible.

In fact you can even stop bad habits or remove phobias. Stopping smoking, building confidence and self esteem are all also possible through the use of hypnotic techniques.

Although hypnosis has been used for thousands of years, and was likely used to treat illness, it has truly entered the 21st Century.

New breakthroughs in sound technologies and with the introduction of NLP techniques in hypnotic sessions hypnosis has become an extremely powerful tool for internal and external change!

Although many people believe that hypnosis is potentially dangerous when used by unethical hypnotists hypnosis cannot actually be performed on an unwilling subject.

A subject must be willing and eager to be hypnotized before any trance can occur. You must believe that it will work for you in order to enter trance.

This means that all forms of hypnosis are really just self hypnosis.

Through the use of self hypnosis it is possible to make a difference to your life during your first attempt but in most cases a period of about 31 days is necessary. Why? Because scientific studies have shown that it takes this length of time to rearrange the neural pathways of the brain to make or break a habit. So be aware that although you will experience trance the first time you try hypnosis you will always be learning and improving your self hypnosis techniques and you may have to wait a month before you see permanent results.

As well as forming visualise images during trance most hypnotists use post hypnotic suggestions to reprogram the mind with new life-affirming beliefs. These post hypnotic suggestions are sort of affirmations that are designed to seep deeply into the subconscious mind where they are registered and immediately accepted as being true.

An added advantage of using self hypnosis is the reduction in stress that usually ensues from its regular use – a bit like meditation! Because self hypnosis is a form of mental and physical relaxation it has the ability to remove the stresses of the day to leave you feeling extremely relaxed yet energetically revitalized.

There are a myriad of good self hypnosis recordings available that will lead you into deep states of trance and re-program your mind at a very deep level. So don’t be afraid to try out a few titles. You can read the reviews of the best self hypnosis recordings under the hypnosis section of this site.

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