A Guide to Self Hypnosis!

Self Hypnosis is a much misunderstood and under-used tool for accessing the subconscious mind.

Now, the subconscious is that deep, unconscious, part of your mind that regulates all your automatic bodily functions, like you heart rate, digestive system, body temperature etc. It is also responsible for storing and accessing your automatic behaviours like talking and walking etc.

However, the role of the subconscious mind goes much further than this and accessing its power can truly and dramatically change your life for the better!

Although self hypnosis is a proven method of managing pain and reducing stress, as well as being an excellent and effective tool for breaking habits such as smoking or over-eating, it can also be used to program your mind for success.

By using self hypnosis to access and manipulate your subconscious mind you can begin to attract situations, events and people that can propel you forward, at an astonishingly fast rate, towards the acquisition of your goals!

By using this tool as a mind-programming method you can instil in the subconscious mind urgency and a need to accomplish your goals.

You can imprint on the subconscious mind the blueprint for the life you want and once it accepts this blueprint as the reality it must follow it will do everything in it, formidable and unlimited, power to make that blueprint true for you.

If you want to try it, here are some guidelines to follow:

Do not push or feel that you must get it right. A big part of learning self hypnosis is letting the trance state just happen. Relaxation plays a key part in a induction or hypnotic state and trying too hard to do it will just have the opposite effect.

Try not to over-analyze what is happening. You should merely allow yourself to relax and enjoy the experience. Now many people think that they are not hypnotized when in fact they are. Did you know that EVERYONE can be hypnotized?

The reason why many people do not feel that they experienced a hypnotic state is because they are used to it. We ALL go in and out of trance states EVERY SINGLE DAY! When you watch television, read a book, daydream, find yourself drifting off to sleep or become so engrossed in a task that you are unaware of someone calling your name or talking to you, you have entered a trance state akin to a self hypnosis session!

So don’t be discouraged if your hypnotic development seems to be slow – it will happen as it happens. Practice relaxation techniques to get your body used to being still. This has a great positive side effect; many people tense their muscles throughout the day and end their day exhausted and not knowing why. When you consciously relax each part of your body in turn you will become more aware of when you are tense during the day as you have something to gauge it against.

Use a self hypnosis CD or MP3 so you are aware of what the hypnotic trance state feels like before you try to hypnotize yourself (or anyone else). There are some great self hypnosis recordings available for a variety of needs so play around with them.

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