A Goals Program!

Many people wonder what the big thing is with goals. They have tried setting them before and failed so they think goals are just an exercise in wasted dreaming! However with the correct goals program you can achieve any goal you set yourself. Goals are like any other skill you acquire in life. You must practise and get good coaching!

What exactly do we mean by a goals program? Well it doesn’t mean setting goals that never get accomplished! You need to set goals that are attainable and stretch you only a little at the start. As you get more successes “under your belt” you can set progressively higher and more difficult goals.

Now the type of goals you need to set are nothing like the vague promises you give to yourself and others or worse still – New Year’s Resolutions! If this is how you approached goal-setting in the past then don’t just clean your slate, throw it away and get ready to start a new one. If you follow a proper goals program you’ll be well on your way to a new life!

How will it feel when you tell those close to you that you set a goal and achieved it? Will it make you feel self-assured and like a winner? Really get into that feeling now. Bring up a picture of yourself telling others of your successes and how hard you fought to win the day. Feels good doesn’t it?


Now hold on to that feeling while you set those goals and envision them in your mind as having already been accomplished. Keep your inner vision bright, colourful and full of “life”. See yourself succeeding at the tasks you will need to perform to get that goal. See yourself in possession of the goal itself and allow yourself to feel great about it.

The more you focus on that inner vision the quicker you will begin to see results.

Now take a piece of paper out and write down all the reasons why you think you can’t have the goal. This is an important step and should not be overlooked! You MUST perform this exercise!

Make a list of all the obstacles that are in your way or you think will come up to stop you from achieving the success you desire. Once you have a lot them simply look them over and review them.

How does each point on your list make you feel as you look at it? Say it out loud and allow those negative feelings to surface. Do not fight with your feelings or worse – suppress them. This keeps them active in the subconscious mind. Just allow the feeling to come up without judgement or analysis.

Now on another piece of paper write down why those things on the list may not be true!

Now is the time to analyse your list. Dissect each point in turn and rip it apart. Are they really obstacles or just challenges? Are you being too hard on yourself? Is it possible that some of the things on your “negative” list are unreasonable and may never even happen?

You will find that a great many of the objections you listed will disappear like smoke in the wind when you perform this simple exercise.

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