A Brief Guide to Subliminal Messages & Their Use in The Modern Worlds

A subliminal message usually refers to a command. It is any type of signal designed to pass below the normal limits of perception. The subliminal messages that are popularly known are unconscious signals which are deliberately sent. These messages take the form of commands that are intended to reach the subconscious mind to effect a change in behaviour or beliefs.

Advertising executives have used the power of subliminal programming in an attempt to sway the buying habits of consumers. If you do not believe that subliminal messages exist in advertisements then you need to watch the video at Subliminal Messages.

A subliminal message, to be effective, needs to be clearly audible but “masked” or hidden behind other sounds so that the conscious mind does not pick-up on what is being said. However, your powerful subconscious mind will hear the spoken statement and, after a few repetitions, take it as a command to be followed.

This effect can be demonstrated with the “cocktail party effect”. This simple explanation shows you how you are tuned-in to your environment much more acutely than you think you are. The “cocktail party effect” derived its name from a simple example used to explain how the mind works. Imagine being at a cocktail party filled with guests. You are engaged in one conversation while a dozen other conversations are taking place in different locations of the same room. Suddenly your attention is diverted as someone across the room mentions your name in their conversation.

This demonstrates that your subconscious mind is aware of millions of pieces of information that are bombarding your senses and at moment and only draws your attention to them when it feels it is relevant!

So you can be assured that the subconscious mind does hear properly and professionally produced subliminal messages that are presented just below conscious awareness – subliminal messages that are below the hearing range of your ears will NEVER work!

The explanation that subliminal messages, such as those found in popular subliminal CDs, are inaudible to the conscious mind but audible to the subconscious mind may be misleading as it assumes a division between conscious and unconscious. I would probably be more accurate to state that a subliminal message, whether a spoken statement or embedded image, is perceived by deeper parts of what is a single integrated mind.

It was as early as 1957 that we were first introduced to the power of subliminal programming. In a now infamous experiment, James Vicary, took an unsuspecting cinema audience and fed them subliminal messages on the screen that suggested that they were hungry and thirsty and then commanded them to buy popcorn and coke. Vicary said this lead to an increase in sales.

Even though Vicary’s experiment was “unsubstantiated”, and has never been successfully replicated, it caused a panic in the general public. Due to this study the belief in the power of subliminal messages to affect our behaviour lingers.

Although, ever since the Vicary experiment, it has been hotly debated amongst scientists, and laymen alike, whether or not subliminal messages actually work they remain a favourite of self improvement gurus and students (with many positive testimonials being offered). This debate has raged even more since the discourse of Vicary himself that he fabricated his findings! However, the simple fact is this – the human mind can and does pick out information that is not consciously observed or concentrated on and wat’s more it uses this information to learn and to regulate your behaviours.

Recent psychological studies into subliminal messages have confirmed that they do have an affect on the mind. However, whether this is enough to sway our buying behaviours or affect even deeper psychological change has not yet been determined through scientific study. However, a vast amount of people, me included, have witnessed major changes occurring in themselves due to listening to positive subliminal messages embedded in recordings!

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