Right Brain Left Brain!

All human behaviour, thoughts and feelings originate from the brain. In fact all our experiences are functions of the brain also. Everything that happens to us, even seemingly outside occurrences, are actually experiences of the mind. Without a mind and a brain it would be impossible to process anything regardless of whether it originates from within or without.

It has been known for some time that there are different areas of the brain which are used for different activities. In fact the brain has two hemispheres which can be thought of as being almost two brains – the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere.

These hemispheres have different functions and usually work in harmony with each other. However, most people lead with one hemisphere and this is dominant and obvious in their behaviour, thoughts, feelings, action and reactions.

The left hemisphere is where all forms of communication are processed. Verbal speech, as well as non-verbal communications, is in the realm of the left hemisphere of the brain. When a person has an accident or a stroke and this hemisphere is damaged a person can have difficulty speaking, and performing complicated arm and hand movements.

The left hemisphere is responsible for analytical thought. It is rational and mostly objective in nature. It will process things sequentially.

The right hemisphere of the brain is mostly concerned with processing outside stimuli such as recognising patterns, faces, sounds etc. When this hemisphere is damaged memory can be impaired as can the ability of a person to differentiate between shapes or even people.

The right hemisphere is the seat of creativity. Most people with artistic abilities rely heavily on the right hemisphere of their brain during such activities.

A good example of the difference between these brain hemispheres can be seen in people who stutter. Typically a person with a stutter or stammer can lose this disability completely when they sing. When a person who stutters or has a stemmer speaks they are communicating using the left hemisphere of the brain. However, when they sing the right hemisphere takes over and they lose their disability!

Most people seem to favour one style of thinking over another. You are either logical and analytical by nature or creative and intuitive. Your propensity for either of these thinking approaches is probably an indication of the dominance of one of the hemispheres of your brain over the other. A, classic example of how you use your brain can be seen by watching the video below.

Which direction are the girls moving, from left to right or right to left?

Brain Hemispheres

If you see her moving counter clockwise counter clockwise then you are using more of your left brain. If you see them moving clock wise clockwise then you are using more of your right brain.

However, regardless of which direction the dancers are moving now you can change it. If they are moving clockwise all you have to do to change the direction is think of something analytical – like a mathematical puzzle. What is 10 – 3 + 2?

If the dancers are moving counter clockwise just think of something creative to change the direction. Imagine painting a picture!

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