5 Ways to Reach Hard to Get Goals

5 Tips to Reach Your Goals There are 5 significant, yet easy steps to follow, which I suspect are obligatory if you wish to ever reach those goals you have for years but have never been able to achieve.

1. Identify the changes!

Spend some quiet time and write down precisely what the change or changes will be and why you would like them to occur. Don’t just give meaningless reasons. Write down what way you will feel when you achieve these changes. At this time, write only what it is you’d like to gain and why. The ‘how’s’ and ‘when’s’ can come later.

2. Be at peace

This step is critical, and it has everything to do with you accessing a state of inner peace. The peace I write about has little to do with listening to relaxation music, sniffing concentrated oils in a burner or listening to harps playing. Accomplishment of your goal needs you to be at peace with it. That means removing all sense of frustration, lust for your outcome and impatience.

If you find achieving it challenging to reach a peace-like state, as regards your goals, there are five options noted below which will help you :

a. Create some “me time”. Then get quiet and paint, draw, write, or map out all you are able to about your intended result.

b. Embark on a meditation program that will teach you a selection of meditation techniques or try a meditation program like Holosync for instant Zen-like meditations at the push of a button (I kid you not – modern technology ehh!).

c. If you are ready to be coached, find a reputable private life-coach who will help you work though your limiting ideology and help you discover what your true values are.

d. Be your own coach. Study what it is that life-coaches do and start to do that for yourself.

e. Begin personal development plan for your life in all areas from spirituality to your finances – have a plan!

3. Get a new outlook about life and your place in it.

Looking at things in new ways or just from a different angle will give you a more universal point of view. This leads to a belief that this world is full of possibilities and opportunities and you will begin to see them all around you

Seek out the stories of people who have already achieved the goals that you are now striving for. In many cases you will find that those successful people started off in a worse position than you! This will spur you on as well as give you some create ideas for dealing with your current situation and goals.

4. Generate the same beliefs as the people you identified in the above step!

Now that you know of several people who succeeded at the very things you are now attempting find out a little more about them. How do these people think? What do they believe. When you identify their beliefs it is fairly easy to emulate them through some kind of self improvement program like self hypnosis or binaural beats (see panel to the left).

Step Number 5

Develop the skills you need to reach your goals. Now you exactly what it is that you want how do you plan to achieve it? Will you need some additional skills or qualifications? Do you need more knowledge?

When you follow these 5 steps you will be guaranteed success!

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