5 Tips For Effective Self Hypnosis Sessions!

What is self hypnosis? Well, self hypnosis is a practice that basically a parties used to gain instant access to the subconscious mind to create changes in thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Self hypnosis concentrates the mind on certain subjects of your choosing. It is regularly used to stop smoking, eat less and achieve personal goals.

While in a hypnotic state you would usually create a mental picture of some desired outcome. By concentrating the mind and focusing the senses in this way it is possible to convince the subconscious mind that the mental picture it is seeing is reality. By doing this doing this you can convince your mind that your goal is already accomplished and your subconscious mind will then doing everything in its, formidable, power to ensure your outer world reflects this.

Self hypnosis can be employed for many various things that include mastering fears and eliminating self doubt. It can even be used to quit habits and improve your self-image.

If you are interesting in trying self hypnosis for fun or have a definite goal in mind then the 1st, and most critical step, is to do some research and increase your knowledge of the subject. You should find out as much as you can on the topic so you know what to expect.

Without this information it is extraordinarily doubtful you’ll be ready to make it work in the way you want it to.

The Net is a huge resource on many subjects and self hypnosis is in no way an exception to this rule. Of course you can also dip your toe in the water, so to speak, by getting a pre-recorded hypnosis mp3 to get some experience with the hypnotic state.

As you improve with self hypnosis you will discover the precise system that works best for you. Doing this without any guidance can be tricky however.

First of all, when you are beginning, you should find a quiet and peaceful place to sit or lie down. However, if you do lie down be prepared to fall asleep – this is a common occurrence. If you are listening to an MP3 the session will still be successful (maybe even more so).

However, if you are performing the self hypnosis yourself you will get no results at all because you are not awake to direct the trance, the post hypnotic suggestions and to perform the visualizations!

Count yourself down from 10 to 1 while you relax your entire body starting at your feet and making you way up different body parts until you reach your head. Then visualise yourself going down an escalator and reaching a dark but comforting place.

Imagine a door in front of you and mentally walk through it. It leads to a relaxing, beautiful place that you choose before the session (or just let your subconscious mind create the image during trance). You should now be in an alpha trance state.

During a hypnotic state you can chant a mantra or just recite some personal affirmations that reflect your goal as having already happened. These act as commands to the subconscious mind which it will obey blindly! So, choose your affirmations well!

When you have finished you must count yourself out of self hypnosis. You do this by telling yourself you’ve had a superb relaxation and you’re going to add up from one to 5. Tell yourself that when you reach five you will be relaxed and fresh.

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