3 Major Life Motives!

Many people question the meaning of life. Some suggest it is to procreate. Others think it is a random set of events that just happened to spawn life in some cosmic accident. But truly, isn’t the meaning of all life to develop and enrich ourselves?

Every Human Being, in fact, every living thing, has an inalienable right to all the development of which it is capable. As homo-sapiens (humans) we have a right to life and this also implies the right to have free and unlimited access to all good things.o we not have a right to anything that may be critical to help us realize our fullest psychological, spiritual, and physical potential?

Simply put this means every human being has the right to be rich, healthy and happy. In fact we have the God-given right to everything life has to offer.

This is a desire we are all born with. Every one of us wants to better himself or herself. This is seen in the three major motives in life – the desire to satisfy mind, body and spirit! If we lack in one area it affects the other two. Take a look at your own life and the lives of others and you will see a mountain of evidence for this! For example, does money mean anything to a gravely sick or dying millionaire? Would he not trade it all for his health?

On this little blue and green planet we reside in, keeping equilibrium between the three phases of our being (mind, body and soul) is often difficult! It seems that almost everything we need or want has to be purchased for a price.

Life has become so complex that even the most ordinary of human beings needs a certain amount of money to satisfy their basic needs and a great deal of money if they wish to develop themselves further.

Taking care of our physical selves is usually the top priority for human beings (or should be). For without a healthy body we are unable to fully express eh other two aspects of our nature.

This means we require adequate food, clothing and shelter. When these things are catered for then we can advance that aspect of our nature through rest and recreation which then leads to physical contentment.

Taking care of our mental nature means the removing of stress and strain from the mind. Only then can you develop it further through reading, travel, intellectual activities, observation and research and by gaining an appreciation for fine works of art, music and beauty. The human mind needs liberty to think creatively and manifest his dreams into fact.

Caring for our spirit means less heartache, worry and sadness. Only when our spirit is on an “even keel” can we pursue higher more spiritual pursuits and goals.

If we are beset with constant worry, frustration and strife then how can we fully embrace our true loving natures? How can we widen our view of the world as One and stretch our horizons to see every man and woman as our brother and sister?

We have a right – no a responsibility – to ourselves and the human race to embrace the concept that God/Universal-Source/Higher-Power (or whatever name you choose to give the Creator) wants us to be abundant so that we can truly embrace our own destiny and one day venture out into space as a unified race.

Not unified through globalization or fear of the unknown but instead unified by love and the feeling of Oneness that we were once born with!

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