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Personal growth is big business and it has been around since the dawn of mankind. We all strive to better ourselves in some way or another. While there are numerous tools and techniques that have been designed to maximise your own strengths and eliminate your weakness the whole personal development industry has stayed with the old tried-and-tested methods for decades now. Well, that is until fairly recently!

With the introduction of space travel, planet exploration, new medicines, faster transportation, the World Wide Web and instant communication while your mobile, it was just a matter of time before science had a breakthrough win the area of self improvement! Hence mind machines, self hypnosis MP3s and binaural beats were invented to make personal growth much easier and less stressful.

However, by far the best technological advancement in personal development tools has come in the shape of Centerpointe’s amazing instant-meditation tool called Holosync.

This audio technology is much more than a mere relaxation tool or even a meditation inducer. It has been shown to maximise creativity, increase self-awareness, help you reach your goals and even guide you into a state of “enlightenment”!

Prior to using Holosync, I had been meditating on my own for almost 15 years. So I would say that I was fairly experienced at the ancient practise. It takes years to perfect meditation and even after 15 years I would in no way term myself an expert. In fact I would say that I was merely entering a stage of novice competence! Zen Masters spend many hours a day meditating and they do it everyday for about 20 years before they perfect the art. So, I believe that I am not far off the mark with my own personal estimation of my own rank in the meditative hierarchy.

So I was slightly dubious about Centerpointe’s claims that Holosync could create Zen-like states of meditation and transcendental states!

However, I was more than surprised to find that not only do the sounds of Holosync take you into meditation within a few minutes but they take you into a extremely deep state!

Holosync also makes meditating more fun because you don’t have to guess if you are doing it right and don’t have to focus on anything at all!

A word of warning to the newcomer to meditation – you may think that Holosync is not working when you first listen to it. This is due to two reasons.

Firstly many people think the meditative state is mystical or in some way “far out”. It is not. Meditative states feel normal, however your brain is doing some amazing things and actually reorganising itself.

Secondly, some people tend to fall asleep while listening to Holosync. This is normal and natural. If you fall asleep while meditating, using traditional methods, then the meditation is over and you are merely asleep. However, when you fall asleep using Holosync your brain still responds to the sound stimuli and you still get all the benefits you would if you had stayed awake!

I cannot speak highly enough about this product it is truly a wonder of the modern world. If you want to experience a deep sense of peace, remove your inner and outer obstacles to success or just experience the meditative state then I urge you to try Holosync. Read the review of Holosync and then click on the link it provides to claim your free demo!

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