2 Secrets to Boosting Your Creativity!

I will show you 2 strategies that may bring your talent up another notch. Are you ready?

Unlearn your creativity blockers. Our peers and teachers taught us what they suspected was good for us. And almost all of the time, they do a great job. However, we are living in a society where conformity is valued, and so in preparing us to succeed, they also imparted lessons that have blocked our creative spirits.

So, if you’d like to raise your creativeness, it’s time to unlearn some of these lessons.

Here are a few things you may have been taught:

1. It’s good to be practical and sensible.

Starting from youth, many of us have been trained to be reasonable and practical. Now it’s time to unlearn this, particularly if you’d like to become freer in your talents. When you’re working on coming up with a creative new idea, or a creative solution to a difficulty, you may postpone whatever judgment you’ve been programmed to make because you’ve been taught to believe that thinking big or out-of-the-box is in some way wrong!

Ignore judgments of others whilst you are in the middle of creating.

Do you wonder whether folk queried Edison’s sanity when he started working on the light bulb?

What do you suspect would have occurred if Edison paid attention to what others were telling him? I am convinced that Edison himself at times doubted the practicality of his concept. But he did not surrender to that judgment, and due to that, we are not still sitting here reading by candlelight. Do you know that someone said to Edison “you’ve failed 9,999 times to invent the light bulb”, to which Edison replied “I have not failed 9,999. I have merely found 9,999 ways that don’t work!”

You do not have to turbo-charge your creativity to the level of Edison’s. However, I’d not be the least bit surprised if you have had some very good concepts in the past that you dropped merely because you felt they were “pie in the sky”. Start giving these ideas a little time to incubate and see what happens.

2. Take life seriously and be productive.

In his book, Roger Von Oech wrote : “If prerequisite is the root of invention, play is the daddy. Use this quote to guide your thinking.”

Glaringly then, the recommendation is to permit yourself to play with ideas.

Did you suspect you were more creative when you enjoyed the luxury of childhood innocence?

Recall the wonderful games and stories you came up with while playing with friends when you allowed your imagination to run free? Remember the worlds you created in your own mind where anything and everything was possible. When you were a child you thought you could do anything, be anything and have anything! When did that get knocked out of you?

It wasn’t hard to be creative then, was it?

I am a computer game fan and I have seen examples of some of them, and I believe the images in these games are definitely some of the most creative designs I have ever seen.

So, let yourself play with ideas and problems. There’s just something about play that sparks our creativity. You can even use binaural beats to speed up the process!

Don’t ignore the indisputable fact that some of the most creative concepts came from playing around with something and evolving it to a new application.

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