10 Steps To Hypnotize Yourself!

Do you realize that it is very easy to guide yourself into a hypnotic trance and gain immediate access to your subconscious mind? Once you are in communication with this powerful mental force there is very little that you cannot accomplish.

So let me show you how to change your life through the power of self hypnosis!

The first thing to bear in mind is that you have an average of 50,000 thoughts a day (some people believe it is more but 50,000 is the general consensus at the moment). Now, when you think you always do it in pictures. For example, if you want to go to a friend’s house a picture of your friend enters your head and probably a picture of that person’s house. When you want a cup of coffee you immediately think of a steaming hot cup filled with the beverage – you may even see a mental picture of the kettle, coffee jar and a spoon etc.

When we think thoughts that have meaning to us, such as remembering past events or getting lost in daydreams we not only think in pictures, but often add sounds, smells and feelings.

Now all of us lead with one sense more than the others. I have an auditory sense which means I have a auditory memory. I can remember conversations from childhood but cannot remember the mental picture that goes with it. Other people remember in pictures – they have a visual memory. A smaller group remember kinaesthetically and can recall how they felt.

Regardless of which sense you lead with, you will still think in pictures because this is how the brain operates. However, you can make these pictures “come alive” by filling them with your leading sense. For example if you were visualizing and lead with your auditory sense, then you would create a visual image but fill it with sound! This makes the picture much more powerful and meaningful to you!

The subconscious mind also operates through pictures. If you wish to reprogram the subconscious you must develop the ability to see your desired result in your mind’s eye. Then through hypnotic trance you can program the subconscious with this picture.

Now for the self hypnosis:

Find somewhere comfortable to sit or lie down. Try to relax. Set a time-limit for your session. The usual is between 20 minutes and half an hour.

Decide on your objective for the trance session. What do you want to gain from using self hypnosis – more confidence, higher self-esteem or less stress etc are a few examples.

Using your eyes and not moving your head look slightly above your line of sight. You will have to slightly strain your eyes to do this.

Become aware of the sounds in the room and pick three of them. Start with one and spend a few seconds listening to it. If you lead with your visual sense then you may want to look at three things in the room first.

Now become aware of your bodily sensations. Try to choose non-feelings but rather concentrate on the weight of your clothes on your skin, the feeling of a watch on your writs etc. Chose three of these and focus on them for a few seconds.

Continue this sequence only the next time choose two visual, two auditory and two kinaesthetic. Then repeat the sequence again only this time choose one visual, one auditory and one kinaesthetic.

After the last visual focus close your eyes. Once you have finished the auditory and kinaesthetic focus imagine a beautiful scene. It could be a beach, a forest or a street corner – it doesn’t matter as long as it relaxes you.

Stay in this visual image for a few minutes and then call to mind a visualization of your objective. See yourself already possession your goal. Hear the sounds and feel the sensations associated with that mental picture.

Enjoy the sensations your visualized future gives you and when you are ready simply count from 1 to 5 and open your eyes.

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